Trondheim Song:Expo
We are very happy to welcome million selling songwriters, A&R’s and publishers from all over the world to participate in making Trondheim Song:Expo the biggest songwriting event in the world. Let’s all collaborate and bring our A-game to trigger maximum output and create future million selling #1 smash hits!

The first Song:Expo took place in 2011 with great success and was started as a project to help exporting Norwegian songwriters and their songs worldwide. Now in 2018 it’s our 8th. year and we have so far scored more than 50 cuts and 2 #1 placements on US Billboard World Album Charts during these years.

Song:Expo consist of regional-, national-, nordic- and international camps with a total of 100 persons attending each year. The purpose of Trondheim Song:Expo is to engage, inspire and educate. Helping the creators (songwriters, producers and artists) to collaborate, share international network, export their talents worldwide, giving everyone the opportunity to take their music to the next level. Hopefully creating a sustainable business model and secure steady income streams for the future.

Takk til våre sponsorer og samarbeidspartnere!

Uten økonomisk hjelp og støtte fra våre meget gode samarbeidspartnere og støttespillere, samt utallige frivillige timer som blir lagt ned av vår eminente stab, ville ikke Song:Expo vært mulig å gjennomføre. Vi takker dere alle for innsatsen.

Tempo and our crew works closely together with our partners and sponsors to make sure Song:Expo is a high quality event. A big thank you goes to NOPA, NTNU, 4Sound, Music Norway, Trondheim Kommune, Sør-Trøndelag Fylkeskommune, MINK, EKKO Music Rights and Dsign Music. The dream and purpose of Song:Expo is to give Norway a gateway and a possibility to show the rest of the world our skills and qualities, as well as making Trondheim a top-of mind city in the music industry.